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Installing OTRS 4.0 on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 with a MSSQL Backend

A couple of quick notes... this is not my usual style, this is fairly cutting edge with OTRS 4.0 released yesterday. I've been tinkering around with the beta for a while, and I wanted to do the install from scratch AND use Microsoft SQL Server for the data store. If you have been trying to do this yourself, like me you discovered it's not officially supported. The OTRS group wants you to install on Windows (blech). I'm here to tell you, this is possible, with some extra fiddling around. The biggest fiddle is getting an ODBC driver installed on Linux that will talk to Microsoft SQL Server, and is free. I used Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as my backend server, but I imagine any SQL Server version will do. Without further adieu, here's my notes. This is basically a rough draft, if you find this interesting and need more info, leave a comment. # Download source cd /opt wget # Install Pre-requisites apt-get install apache