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Getting Started with GitHub and Visual Studio 2017

Introduction Want to get started using git with Visual Studio but you're not sure what to do, how to get started, or you are confused by the command line? Good news, everyone! You can do nearly everything you want right from within Visual Studio 2017. All you need is the GitHub extension for Visual Studio, and a GitHub account. For my demonstration I am using a Pro account so I have the option for private repositories but this will work for free accounts as well. I wrote this because I couldn't find a step by step instruction how-to that didn't assume you were using Microsoft Team Services or using the git command line. In my usual style, this is terse and to the point, and a little rough around the edges. I hope you find this useful. Enjoy! Prerequisites Install Visual Studio 2017 Install GitHub extension for Visual Studio How To #1: Push an existing project into GitHub (and connect to GitHub for the first time) Open ex