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that new old thing: a date2num implementation in

Hell must be freezing over because I'm doing a lot more VB.NET development these days. Visual Studio 2013 and the .NET 4.5 framework are, in my opinion, the first usable versions of these products. As part of a project to port some of our legacy code from VB6 to VB.NET I've been converting all of the common functions and shared utility libraries we've built up over the years. Some libraries date back to the migration from QuickBasic/PDS 7 on DOS to Visual Basic on Windows. Back in those days we used very simple yet powerful functions to do things like date math accurately. For example, in the old days, programmers had to account for leap year manually, if they didn't have a good toolset on hand. One of those toolsets was called QuickPak, a library of handy functions written in Assembler that could be linked to your BASIC program to do these things accurately and easily. The function that sold systems -- our systems -- as being the most accurate product on the m